To Protect and to Serve

Mike Secreto


Chief Mike Secreto (501) has 27 years Law Enforcement experience. A graduate of the 85th basic class, he spent several years with the Shinnston Police Department where he served in many capacities including Chief. Additionally, he serves as the department’s firearms instructor. In addition to our training, he assists other agencies with range qualifications. The Chief has been the recipient of numerous investigative, patrol, administrative and crime prevention awards. In 2013 he joined our force and was promoted to Chief in 2017.

Casey Mitchell


Officer Casey Mitchell (502) is a graduate of the 169th basic class. With a 4 year Criminal Justice Degree from Fairmont State University, she comes to us from the WVU Campus Police with 3 years experience. Additionally, Officer Mitchell worked as an Emergency Dispatcher and Corrections Officer with the Department of Corrections. She’s been with our force since 2018.

Robert Matheney


Officer R. G. Matheny, II (503) is a graduate of the 143rd Basic Class – West Virginia State Police Academy. Matheny has been a certified law enforcement officer since 2010, receiving two Sherlock Holmes Awards and a Medal of Merit. Matheny has been an active member of the Fraternal Order of Police since 2011 and elected in 2019 to serve as President of the Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 78.

Roger Cunningham


Officer Roger Cunningham (504) has 25 years of law enforcement experience. A graduate of the 99th basic class at West Virginia State Police Academy and a graduate of Glenville State College with a 4 year BA degree, Officer Cunningham has served in many capacities. He was a substitute teacher for Marion County schools, a former member of the Marion County Sheriffs Department where he served for 12 years and head of the Marion County Court Security. He is a certified SWAT member and Deputy First Class. Officer Cunningham joined the Stonewood Police Department in August of 2021.