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Fascinating Facts about Water


Every time you turn on your tap in your home, you receive one of the world’s most precious commodities----fresh, clean drinking water. Essential for all life, water is an amazing substance that can appear as a liquid, a solid, or a gas.

Water is fascinating and essential to are very survival. We need to use water wisely and work together to protect this most precious resource.


Here are some other interesting facts about water.

  1. Close to three-quarters of the Earth’s surface is covered with water, but less than 1 percent is suitable and available for drinking using conventional water treatment.
  2. Of all the water in the world 97% is in the oceans and about 1.7% is locked up in ice and snow. Icecaps and glaciers hold the majority of the Earth’s fresh water---about 68.7%.
  3. Through the processes of evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and infiltration---the hydro-logic cycle---the total amount of water on Earth remains constant.
  4. Because 60% of an adult’s body is water, it is essential to replenish the water you lose through breathing, perspiration, and excretion. For most people, this equates to approximately 8 cups or 2 liters a day.
  5. Water is the original health drink. It contains no fat, calories or cholesterol.
  6. When we use water, we generally add contaminants to it, like soap, food products, and chemicals, which must be removed before the water is used again.
  7. In just 16 hours, US water utilities produce as much potable water as the oil industry produces oil in a year. In 24 hours, as much water tonnage is produced as the steel industry produces steel in an entire year.
  8. Ice cubes float because ice is less dense than water. Water freezes in a lattice-like formation, which creates buoyancy and allows it to float.